Sight2Save is an international non-profit organisation that has one mission- to eliminate avoidable blindness worldwide for good-through the treatment, training, education, partnerships and general access to suitable quality eye health care. It is so simple, there are 246 million people living with a visual impairment and around 80% of those living with these visual impairments can be treated- this is why Sight2Save is here, as too many people worldwide are living in darkness when they shouldn’t be. Our target is simple- to help these 246 million people. It may seem farfetched and unrealistic but just watch this space….

18th EVRS Meeting Topic: STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE IN MEDICAL AND SURGICAL RETINA Date: August 30 – September 02, 2018 Venue: Rudolfinum, PRAGUE – CZECH REPUBLIC

The European VitreoRetinal Society serves to promote of vitreoretinal surgery and the therapy of vitreoretinal disease and to represent of the interests of ophthalmologists active in vitreoretinal disease. The purposes of the European VitreoRetinal Society are realised particularly by: •Providing professional and scientific support vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of vitreoretinal disease •Working out suggestions, recommendations and guidelines relating to questions of vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of vitreoretinal disease •Organizing and carrying out teaching and training events, as well as working out training recommendations and guidelines in relation to vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of vitreoretinal disease •Distributing up to date information to members of the public about the current state of vitreoretinal surgery and the treatment of vitreoretinal disease •The acquisition and holding of shares in corporate entities, in Germany and abroad, in order to pursue the aims described above

Controversies in Ophthalmology or COPHy is organizing 4th Annual Congress on Controversies Ophthalmology: Asia Australia (COPHy AA) which will take place in , Manila, Philippines, February 1-4, 2018.

THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AFRICA (NPC) is a private, not-for-profit, non-membership, company actively serving Africa by promoting processes conducive to sustainable development throughout Africa - with the emphasis on sustainability! This organisation is currently rated as one of the most proactive Sustainable Business Development Organisations in Africa!

AOB, ACADEMIA OPHTHALMOLOGICA BELGICA, is a belgian non profit association and is the umbrella body of the Belgian ophthalmic associations and groups all scientific sub specialties. The Association aims to represent the Belgian ophthalmological community, to promote the science and to promote and coordinate activities in the field of ophthalmology.

We are pleased to announce and invite you to attend the 4th Annual Congress on Controversies Ophthalmology: Asia Australia (COPHy AA) will take place in , Manila, Philippines, February 1-4, 2018. The great success of previous COPHy Congresses held in various countries in Europe paved the way for the locally orientated COPHy Congress – called COPHy AA – which has triumphantly taken place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016 and Seoul, South Korea, 2017.

We are pleased to announce and invite you to attend the 9th Annual Congress on Controversies in Ophthalmology: Europe (COPHy EU), which will take place in Athens, Greece, March 22-24, 2018. The great success of the previous eight COPHy EU Congresses, held across Europe in Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul, Budapest, Lisbon, Sorrento, Warsaw and Madrid, as well as the enthusiastic feedback received from the most recent Congresses, confirmed the need for proceeding with the 9th edition of this dynamic Congress.

COS is the national, recognized authority on eye and vision care in Canada. As eye physicians and surgeons, we are committed to assuring the provision of optimal medical and surgical eye care for all Canadians by promoting excellence in ophthalmology and by providing services to support our members in practice.

The NOG (Nederlands Oogheelkundig Gezelschap) or Dutch Ophthalmic Society was founded in 1892 when a group of like-minded ophthalmologists met at the Maashotel in Rotterdam to discuss the latest developments in their profession. The aim of the society was, and still is, the scientific and social support of ophthalmology in the Netherlands. Because the Netherlands is a rather small country with a history of many international contacts due to trading, it is not surprising that ophthalmology in the country has not only national focus, but is open-minded to developments from abroad. It was this open mindedness that fertilised the ground for new techniques and ideas.

AHI OPTOMETRY is approved continue education and training workshop provider for Optometrists, AHI courses are used for ODs licenses renewals within and outside USA. visit at:

Slovak Ophthalmological Society (SOS) welcomes you on their website. This portal for ophthalmologists has two essential parts - content intended for the professional public and content intended for the general public - for patients. In addition, you can learn more about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye disease in the specialist section for SOS registered members. Our professional company, with a large and growing number of members and scientific events, today requires a high level of awareness and communication in its rich activity. This current need today meets the best Internet. We are therefore trying to use this modern medium to improve awareness of the various fields of ophthalmology in Slovakia and to provide, in addition to various data, the possibility of online registration for professional events. All other ophthalmologic news are available in the form of an electronic newsletter "OTAMMOS OFTALMOLÓGOV". We believe that the website will fulfill its mission and improve awareness, interaction and overall working atmosphere in the ophthalmological community.

The 37th All India Optometry Conference; AIOC 2018 is the nations & Indian Optometric Associations flagship industry conference dedicated to enhancing the reach & quality of eye care whilst providing a global platform for exchange of ideas, technologies & knowledge across the optometry sector. The 2018 edition of this conference would also be unique, as it brings together various national optometric associations of SAARC countries to deliberate & collaborate on responsive frameworks for inclusive next generation eye care. In line with WHO Global Action Plan 2014-2019, a key outcome that this conference seeks to generate is a better understanding of the role of optometry in eradicating the 80% avoidable blindness in India and SAARC countries. Themed Innovations in Delivery & Access of Eye Care, the conference will see an exchange of information on latest developments in optometry discipline along with discussions on the level of education and status of optometry in international arena. A global optometry forum, AIOC 2018 would be attended by over 500 industry stakeholders from the eye care sector including optometrists, practitioners, researchers, academics and students.